6 Reasons To Get a Portable Ice Maker

As their name suggests, these ice makers are conveniently portable, so you can use them anywhere there is a power source available. You could have a commercial fridge and get a portable ice maker as an undercounter fridge. So, why should you buy a portable ice maker? Here are 6 reasons to keep in mind.

ice maker

1- You have a small freezer

Most people use their freezers to store food. But when you need to make ice and store food, you realize you need more space. Ice trays take up a lot of space. Having a portable ice maker as your ice source will free up your freezer for all your meal preps and leftovers. 

2- You need ice ASAP

Ice takes a lot of time to form in conventional ice trays. A portable ice maker produces ice in 6 minutes, so you can have it almost as soon as you need it. And, if you don’t use the whole batch of ice, the ice will gradually melt and the machine will reuse the water to make more ice. Portable ice makers are eco-friendly!

3-You want to improve your workplace

A lot of companies have a portable ice maker at work, right next to a water dispenser or drink cooler. It’s nice gesture to offer cool refreshments to your clients, and have ice ready for any drink. It will create a great work environment!

4- You want to have cold drinks outside in the sun

Having an ice maker at your pool house or by the pool will allow you to prepare amazing drinks for every hot summer night. 

5- You want to have fresh ice on your boat

You can take your portable ice maker when you go sailing. You can make ice to blend in drinks, cool off cans of beer, food or you can even use it to keep the catch of the day as fresh as possible. 

6- You are having a party at home

When you are organizing a party at home, you may want to set a wet bar for guests to prepare their own drinks. Having a portable ice maker will solve all your problems: ice ready for everyone right there on the table.

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