Having a Food Slicer at Home: 4 Advantages

Today, electric slicers come in all sizes and many models are specifically intended for domestic use. Here are some advantages of having an electric deli meat slicer at home. Electric deli meat slicers are not just for butchers and pro chefs anymore! 

Deli Meat Slicer

1- Perfect Bread Slices

You bake your own bread? Whether you make it by hand or you use a bread machine, you know how hard it is to cut a loaf into even slices. When you slice it by hand, you usually get one slice too thick, another one too thin, another uneven, and so on. With a multi-purpose food slicer, you will be able to get even cuts of any thickness you like from any loaf of bread.

2- Fruit and Vegetables Ready for Any Recipe

If you have a good multi-purpose electric food slicer, you’ll be able to cut all sorts of vegetables and fruits into nicely even cuts. With practically no effort at all, you can cut potatoes for homemade chips or gratins, slice cucumbers for pickles, chop cabbage for some delicious coleslaw, prepare some veggies to stock in the freezer, or slice some fruits for pies and pastries.

3- Enjoy cold cuts without additives

Using an electric deli meat slicer to make your own cold cuts is healthier and eco-friendlier! The packaged cold cuts you can buy at supermarkets and grocery stores are usually full of sodium nitrite and other preservatives and additives and there is a lot of plastic waste, creating more and more garbage that will end up in a landfill. Buying, preparing and cooking yourself from the scratch raw meat or poultry and using an electric deli food slicer to cut the cooked meat will allow you to know and control precisely what is in your food, and you help the environment by reducing plastic waste. Electric food slicers can cut poultry and meat with ease!

4- Save on Your Grocery Expenses

An healthy and easy way to reduce your grocery expenses is buying a whole chicken or a large piece of pork or beef and baking and cutting it at home. With the aid of a good compact electric deli slicer, you will be able to cut extra-thin slices, getting more cuts per batch than with electric or regular knives. You’ll get cold cuts that are easy to store and ready to enjoy!

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