How to Make Coffee for a Large Party

When you are hosting a large party, having coffee ready for everybody may be challenging. Don’t worry! A large coffee urn is the perfect solution. These large coffee makers usually work with a percolator brewing system, making large amounts of delicious coffee and keeping it at the right temperature for a long time.

Here are some general instructions for using a coffee urn. Remember to check the manufacturer manual for your own specific model and read the instructions and precautions before getting started.

1- Make sure you start the brewing process at least 30 minutes before you expect your guests.

2- Remove the filter basket and the water pipe from the coffee urn and fill the urn up with cold water corresponding to the number of cups of coffee you will be making. Cup level markings are usually located on the water indicator tube. 

3- Moisten the coffee filter to keep small particles from sifting through. Add the desired amount of ground coffee to the basket; 3 or4 cups of ground coffee every 60 cups of coffee is a good ratio. In you grind your own coffee beans, use the “percolator” or a “medium coarse grind” setting on the processor for better results.

4- Fit the water pipe into the bottom of the coffee filter and fit the bottom base of the water pipe into the coffee urn. Make sure it’s properly positioned, coffee may not percolate correctly otherwise. 

5- Place the lid and press start. That’s it! It may take up to 30 minutes for the machine to go through the whole process. 

Tip: When you need coffee to keep flowing for really long events, consider keeping a regular-size coffee machine ready as back up while the coffee urn is brewing more coffee.

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