Reasons Why You Should Use an Electric Kettle

Electric kettles have become increasingly popular over time. Nowadays, more and more homes, hotels and shops are using electric kettles to heat water in no time.

However, there may be some myths going around about the electric kettle, so people might be unsure whether to buy it or not. Let’s talk about the electric kettle main benefits to debunk those myths and profit from everything the electric kettle has to offer.

It Saves Energy

Despite what people might think, electric kettles help save energy. This appliance is much more efficient than others, especially compared to the microwave. Electric kettles are 80% more efficient than microwaves or stoves. This could mean an important reduction in your monthly energy bill.

It Saves Time

Most people fall in love with their electric kettle when they realize it saves them a lot of time: electric kettles can heat water up to four times faster than a regular kettle on the stove.

It’s Safer

Most electric kettles have settings to program temperature. Once water reaches the temperature you’ve set, the kettle stops or turns off. This is a key safety feature, because there’s no risk of forgetting the kettle on for hours. Besides, its design helps you avoid any burns from spilled water.

The Right Temperature

Another advantage the electric kettle has is its capacity to be programmed to reach a specific temperature and turn off afterwards, as we’ve mentioned above. This is useful in many ways, like preventing accidents, but it’s also useful to select the right temperature for each beverage or infusion you want to prepare. Undoubtedly, coffee will be much more delicious if it’s prepared with water at the correct temperature, something very difficult to achieve with regular stove-top kettles.

In fact, one of the myths around the electric kettle has to do with taste. Some people think that water heated with this appliance may change the taste of their beverages. This is far from true! Being able to pinpoint the specific temperature you need for each infusion will help you enhance its taste.


Nowadays, electric kettles are extremely popular all around the world, with a wide variety of different models available on the market. You can choose the electric kettle that better suits your needs, with more or less capacity, with more or less control on temperature and in many different designs, shapes, colors, among many other features.

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