How to Get Perfect Results with a Steam Iron

Here are some tricks that will revolutionize your ironing, helping you spare time and effort: from washing to proper use of the steam iron.

5 Tips to Do it Right

1. If you want to get perfect ironing results, you have to start in the washing stage. It’s important to follow the right instructions for each piece of clothing in the washing machine. Using the appropriate wash will help your clothes last longer in perfect shape.

2. Get an ironing board that suits you and your clothes best. Besides the iron itself, the ironing board is one of the most important partners to achieve perfect ironing results. Look for a board that’s wide, easily manageable, adjustable in height and as stable as possible.

3. Get your iron ready to use. Before starting your ironing, fill the boiler with tap water or demineralized water, making sure you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Avoid using ironing sprays full of chemicals and additives that may damage your iron and your clothes. Wait until the iron reaches the correct temperature and check that there are no stains or marks on the clothes that could stick to the fibres during the ironing process.

4. Don’t forget to adjust the temperature to suit the type of fabric. Not all clothes and fabrics are the same. To steam iron with no unpleasant surprises for your most delicate clothes, set the iron to the specific program according to the type of fabric. This will help silk, wool and delicates always be well-ironed and last for longer.

5. Try ironing when your clothes are still slightly damp. That dampness makes everything simpler and faster: it allows the iron to slide more effortlessly on your clothes, it reduces time and optimizes results: no more wrinkles!

Important: Always clean the iron after using it. Once it has cooled down, clean the soleplate to avoid fiber damage and protect your iron and don’t forget to empty the boiler tank before putting it away to avoid limescale formation.

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